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How do I earn a free CEU?

Each game has one (1.0) CEU associated with it. To obtain your free CEU, complete a game, take the quiz at the end, and submit your information. If you score 80% or greater, you will pass and earn one (1.0) CEU.

Can I earn CEUs more than once?

You may earn one CEU, per game, per year. For example, if you earn one CEU from Endo Gal in 2018, you may not earn another CEU for Endo Gal until 2019.

Why are some of the Crazy4Clean games currently unavailable?

We are working diligently to update the Flash-based games that are no longer supported by your browsers. Each game will be made available as it is completed for you to play for your free CEU!

When will I receive my CEU certificate?

CEU certificates are processed and sent by email within five (5) business days.