​Let’s begin by reviewing some terms that medical device reprocessing technicians should understand.

​Great Job!
Let's start matching up another set of terms with their definitions. Ready?

​Great Job!

Let’s hear from the

CPD Guy before

moving on to the

next activity.

​Let’s begin the process of degassing this ultrasonic cleaner. Ready?

​Great Job!

Let’s visit with the

CPD Guy while the degassing process completes.

​Each of these ultrasonic cleaners are ready to be tested with the SonoCheck. Ready?

​Place the correct number of SonoChecks in each ultrasonic cleaner based on their tank size.




​Great Job! Press the green button

on each ultrasconic cleaner to

start the cycle.

​Great Job! The cycles are now complete. Let’s check the SonoCheck results!

​Select Pass or Fail for each SonoCheck result

​Now we will test an ultrasonic cleaner with lumen connection, using the LumCheck. Ready?

​Unscrew the LumCheck holder to detach Part A from Part B

​Open the protective pouch to remove the test coupon

​Insert the test coupon into Part B of the LumCheck holder

​Close the LumCheck holder by screwing Part A into Part B

​Connect the four prepared LumChecks to the ultrasonic

​Close the lid of the ultrasonic

​Click the red button on the ultrasonic to start the cycle

​Great Job! Now that the cycle is complete, let’s inspect the 

results of each LumCheck.

​Select Pass or Fail for each LumCheck result

​Answer the ten true or false questions and fill in your contact information to earn your CEU