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?Howdy from the Lone Labeler!


?Let's get started with some important symbols you might see on labels around your department.


?I'll give you a description, and then you can tell me which symbol matches that description best.


?Ready? Click Start!?

?You will find this symbol on any chemical/cleaning solution in your department. It has four categories that represent reactivity, fire, health and other.

?Which symbol is being described?

?This is the

NFPA Diamond

?great job! now that youíre familiar with symbols, letís meet up with the cpd guy to learn about when and why you should apply labels throughout your department.

??The Lone Labeler and I have some clients on the hunt for their medical equipment. Let's step over to my desk and you can help me find the right label for each wanted poster!


?Ready? Click start!



??Great job! Now that you're familiar with labeling, let's meet up with the CPD Guy once more before your next activity! He has a few more tips for us.???????

Ready? Click Start!

?These labels are assorted stick-on messages that are placed on strile trays/packages to inform the user of special conditions.


?_________________ Message Labels












?Wash Hands


?Great job partner!
?Now you're ready to test your knowledge.

Click continue to start the quiz.

?Good Luck!

?Answer the ten true or false questions and fill in your contact information to earn your shiny new ceu!

Contaminated reusable items, contaminated disposable items and waste, and tissue specimens are placed into specifically labeled containers to prevent exposure of personnel to potentially infectious materials and to prevent contamination of the environment.